About Us

David Phipps founded Opti-Case, Inc. in 1978 in Houston, TX. As a traveling musician, David needed some durable cases to store and protect his gear but couldn’t afford to purchase them outright, so he built his own. The road cases David engineered for his equipment were so durable and well designed that other musicians paid him to build cases for them as well. The rest, as they say, is history. David moved his company to Henderson, TX in 1980 and has sold his elite road cases to some of the most well-known musicians, sports teams, and production companies in the business since then.

For more than four decades now, the team at Opti-Case, Inc. has supplied our customers with specially designed, versatile, and durable road cases for every scenario. While we do offer standard size cases, we specialize in handcrafting custom cases to meet our customers’ unique needs. However, at Opti-Case, our expertise exceeds building custom cases. We are a trusted provider of comprehensive product lines and property protection solutions. Our professional craftsmanship is backed by a solid guarantee, executed with fast and friendly service, and enhanced with incredible design capabilities.

The mission of the Opti-Case team is to listen to each client’s specific needs and deliver the absolute highest quality cases through continuous product innovation and operational excellence. We do this by using the finest and most durable materials and employing industry-leading design.

If you are looking for premier road cases, flight cases, or hard equipment cases to keep your equipment protected during travel, call Opti-Case. We have a case for you.